Story Time

One of the teaching methods that Jesus often used was to tell stories.  There may be something in how we humans are wired together that resonates with a good story. I love a good story. One of my favorite genres of movies are those that are based on real life stories.

All of us have a story. Our lives are a story and I was reminded recently how relationally strengthening and encouraging it is to listen to one another’s stories, something that seems to be disappearing in a rushed, busy, often hectic culture.  Social media has it’s place, but for me it is more like getting a series of sound bytes, not a story.  It is not a substitute for looking someone in the eyes, listening to their story, and enjoying real live human interaction .

I find it amazing what you can learn about someone over a cup of coffee, across the table at a meal or just sitting down and talking, for even a few minutes. Not only would we personally benefit from taking the time to engage one another but the church would be strengthened as well. In the first few weeks of the New Year why not make a commitment to planning and seeking opportunities through out the year for a story time. The second verse of an old hymn, Tell Me the Old, Old, Story says

Tell me the story slowly,
That I may take it in –
That wonderful redemption,
God’s remedy for sin.
Tell me the story often,
For I forget so soon;
The early dew of morning
Has passed away at noon

Pastor Steve




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